Woodbridge Estate Care is a full service Tree and Landscaping company with over 70 years of experience, servicing the greater New Haven area.

We specialize in the care of Shade, Ornamental Trees and shrubs as well as Tree Removal. Turf Care and an array of Landscaping services including Landscape Design and Installation, Deer Fencing installation and more are available

We are licensed and Fully Insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation to protect our employees and our clients.



Tree Services

With our 70 Years of combined Horticultural​ experience we offer Tree Care Services to Residential properties, Commercial and Municipal.

We are licensed and Fully Insured with General Liability and Workers Comp. to protect our employees and you as our customers.

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At Woodbridge Estate Care we understand the needs of our customers and always strive for client satisfaction.

Whatever your landscape requirements may be, Woodbridge Estate Care has a state licensed professional with the expertise to get the job done right!

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About Us

In 1976 when Richard Lewis Jr. and Ray Pantalone founded Woodbridge Tree Service. The Firm quickly earned a reputation for top quality service that continued for the next Twenty-five years.

In 2008, Woodbridge Estate Care purchased R.W. Pantalone’s tree care Arborist & Landscaper effectively reuniting Woodbridge Tree Service under the Woodbridge Estate Care name!

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Second Life of Trees

What can be done when you have to down along cherished tree on your property? In many cases, as your tree removal contractor we can dispose of the tree by cutting it into an appropriate size and placing it on the street where the municipality will remove and then mulch it, or they shred and haul it away. But, in many cases, suitable portions of the removed tree can be recycled as useable boards and not just firewood.

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