Gypsy Moth

Gypsy moth catapillar is back its been decades since they have been a real to your trees. Last year we received a lot of request to spray for gypsy moths. We have seen lots of egg mass form these catapillar last fall.
Which are all starting to hatch and when they hatch they are going only […]

Hazardous Tree Removal

Having your tree checked by an Arborist. may keep this from happening to you.
This maple tree had a bad crotch and should have had a cable installed years ago.

Watch the video as the tree is safely removed by our talented crew.

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How to Get Clean, Green, and Pristine Lawns

Do you ever wonder what it takes, when it comes to keeping your lawn looking Clean, Green, and Pristine? Here are few simple steps to follow……..

Cutting at the right height

Cut your grass at a height of 3 inches because this allows the grass to shade itself and help prevent weeds as well as maintain […]

Weed Control in Your Bed & Walk

Weed control in your bed & walk.
Pre-emergent weed control
Pre-emergent weed control this put down early in the spring to prevent weeds from germinating from seed.Some examples of These products include preen and snapshot. These are both granular products which need to be rained on with 72 hours after being put down become effective. There […]

Snow Mold

Are you seeing red and gray patches in your lawn?

The most likely cause is probably Snow Mold. There are two kinds of Snow Mold. Red and Gray. While the colors may be different both kinds tend to be circular in shape. Besides the coloring the only other major difference to note is that snow need […]

Improper Planting

It may take as long as 20 years for improper planting to kill a tree; a lot of the time
it’s a slow decline which can be easily missed.

Leaving string tied around the trunk of the tree is one example of improper
planting; over time this will gurgle the tree. This occurs when the roots grow around […]

Why do we mulch

-Benefit of mulching.
The main two reasons you should mulch is to maintain soil moisture, and to help control weeds. However the main reason most people Mulch is for the look of the new mulch not really the best reason to mulch.
-When is the best time to mulch.
The best time is when the mulch is when […]

Why should I worry about ticks

– Lyme disease
It is essential to be able to control ticks in your own yard to protect not only yourself, your children, and your pets but to have a peace of mind that you can enjoy your own yard without having to worry about ticks and the diseases they bring with them.
– Where do ticks […]

What is a hazardous tree

Hazardous Trees

What is a hazardous tree?

A hazardous tree is a potential threat to a person, your house or even your car.  It can be a tree that is dead, decaying, have deadwood or even a tree with a weak crotch. The best way to tell if there is a dangerous tree in your yard is […]

Higher insured companies

-What is the risk?
When hiring a company that does not carry Workmen’s Compensation insurance or general liability insurance you assume all the risk if someone was to get hurt on your property or your house was damaged.
-Will I save money?
If seems too good to be true it probably is. When a tree company does not carry […]