Plant healthcare is the best way to protect your valuable landscape from disease and insect damage. This involves preventive treatments as well as monitoring for such damage. Below is a list of the treatment we offer:

DORMANT OIL APPLICATION; Helps control scales and insect eggs before hatching.

HEMLOCK ADELGID APPLICATION; Controls the hemlock wooly adelgid insect.

FUNGICIDE APPLICTION; Helps control fungus on dogwoods, and fruit trees, Leaf spot on rhododendron, and mountain laurel, Anthracnose on sycamore and white oak.

TENT CATERPILLAR APPLICATION; Controls tent caterpillar found primarily in all types of fruit trees.

LEAF MINER APPLICATION; Protects white birch, boxwood and holly from defoliation by leaf minor.

FOLIAR APPLICATION; controls gypsy moth, eastern forest caterpillars, and canker worms. on your deciduous trees.

SHRUB-EVERGREEN & ORNAMENTAL APPLICATION; Helps control aphids, mealy bug, mites, scale, and other insects on evergreen shrubs and ornamentals.

WILT PROOF; Help protect evergreen shrubs against winter injury.

DEER GUARD APPLICATION; to help keep the deer from eating your valuable shrubs.

TICK APPLICATION; Helps protect your family. We spray the wooded perimeters of yard as well as the planting beds. This is were the ticks hide. We offer 3 applications. spring, summer and fall. most clients report success with this approach.

TREE & SHRUB FERTILIZATION; Done with organic fertilizer. As a liquid injection.