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The key to a stronger, healthier, better-looking landscape is a plant health care (PHC) program.

Plant health care is the practice of getting a full picture of your landscape—its trees, its shrubs, and even the insects that threaten them—and then developing a proactive plan to keep your plants looking and growing their best.

Many of the pests and diseases that affect the trees in our landscape can be prevented or controlled with a plant health care program. Proactive monitoring is important. What begins as a small issue can quickly turn into a major problem threatening your landscape.

Start improving the vitality and appearance of your landscape so you can enjoy it!

TREE & SHRUB FERTILIZATION; Nature’s natural recycling doesn’t happen in urban and suburban neighborhoods, which is why fertilizer is needed to provide trees and shrubs with important nutrients they’re missing. By applying a slow-release fertilizer it replenishes nutrients, supports new growth, and helps keep your plants vibrant.

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