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Health Care isn’t just for you and me!  Practicing responsible Plant Health Care (PHC) is the best way to protect the investments made to your landscape and home.  Proper use of control agents, including ORGANICS, can help control damaging insects, fungus, animal and rodent activity.  Tent Caterpillar, Gypsy Moths and Ticks can all be controlled thru scheduled applications.  Let Woodbridge Estate Care reduce the damage caused by foraging deer thru simple, timely spray applications.  We also offer fertilization services.  Our arborist will determine what is nutrient deficient and offer a supplemental fertilizer application.   This will help to improve stressed trees or shrubs or help to maintain good overall vigor during over stressed seasonal conditions.  Below is a list of services we offer throughout the season.  So, call us today and schedule a FREE PHC property evaluation.

Plant healthcare is the best way to protect your valuable landscape from disease and insect damage. This involves preventive treatments as well as monitoring for such damage. Below is a list of the treatment we offer:

DORMANT OIL APPLICATION; Helps control scales and insect eggs before hatching.

HEMLOCK ADELGID APPLICATION; Controls the hemlock wooly adelgid insect.

FUNGICIDE APPLICTION; Helps control fungus on dogwoods, and fruit trees, Leaf spot on rhododendron, and mountain laurel, Anthracnose on sycamore and white oak.

TENT CATERPILLAR APPLICATION; Controls tent caterpillar found primarily in all types of fruit trees.

LEAF MINER APPLICATION; Protects white birch, boxwood and holly from defoliation by leaf minor.

FOLIAR APPLICATION; controls gypsy moth, eastern forest caterpillars, and canker worms. on your deciduous trees.

SHRUB-EVERGREEN & ORNAMENTAL APPLICATION; Helps control aphids, mealy bug, mites, scale, and other insects on evergreen shrubs and ornamentals.

WILT PROOF; Help protect evergreen shrubs against winter injury.

DEER GUARD APPLICATION; to help keep the deer from eating your valuable shrubs.

TICK APPLICATION; Helps protect your family. We spray the wooded perimeters of yard as well as the planting beds. This is were the ticks hide. We offer 3 applications. spring, summer and fall. most clients report success with this approach.

TREE & SHRUB FERTILIZATION; Done with organic fertilizer. As a liquid injection.