Our Services

Woodbridge Estate Care is a full service Tree and Landscaping company with over 70 years of experience, servicing the greater New Haven area.

We specialize in the care of Shade, Ornamental Trees and shrubs as well as Tree Removal. Turf Care and an array of Landscaping services including Landscape Design and Installation, Deer Fencing installation and more are available.

We are licensed and Fully Insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation to protect our employees and our clients.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is done to improve the health and safety of a tree. Our licensed Arborists have the knowledge necessary to make your tree a safe and beneficial best part of your yard.

Tree Removal

Sometimes tree removal is a necessary part of being a home owner. Poor health or unsafe / hazardous trees most times need to be removed. Its important to have a qualified licensed arborist to be able to identify a hazardous tree and the risk it poses. Tree removal may also be necessary to make room for an addition to the home or you may desire more sun in your yard. For which ever reason our licensed Arborists can handle the job. we climb, use bucket trucks, even cranes are used when necessary, and we leave your yard just the way we found it, neat and clean.


Trees with weak crotches can be made much stronger and less likely to split apart with the 1 or more cables installed. Sometimes it’s also necessary to install screw rod as well. This is one of the best ways to increase the safety of your beloved trees.

Plant Healthcare

Plant healthcare is the best way to protect your valuable landscape from disease and insect damage. This involves preventive treatments as well as monitoring for such damage.

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Landscaping Design

Allow us to design a landscape to fit both your needs and budget, knowing that everyone may not have the time to spend keeping their new landscape watered, we usually incorporate a install drip irrigation system with each new planting to take the worry out of keeping our newly designed landscape watered. We can do every thing from the simplest planting of a single tree, to the most elaborate landscape design including stone walls, walks, water gardens, pergolas and more.

Landscaping Maintenance

 Our licensed professionals can prune the trees & shrubs in your landscape, using the proper pruning techniques. We prefer to use hand pruner on most shrubs. (not the gas sheath treatment to everything.)

Estate Care

The Estate Care Program is for clients who want one company to take care of their entire property and that exactly we do. All services done on an annual contract basics with 12 monthly budget payments.

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We offer a complete HEALTH CARE PROGRAM for your lawn.

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Tick Management

TICK APPLICATION; Helps protect your family from exposure to ticks and the diseases they carry in your yard. Deer are not the only carrier of LYME diseases. The number one carrier of deer ticks is white footed field mice (these are not the same mice you catch in your home from time to time.) We spray the wooded perimeters of yard as well as the planting beds. This is were the ticks hide. We offer 3 applications spring, summer and fall most clients report success with this approach.