Turf Health Care Program


Our turf healthcare program is tailor designed to meet all your lawn care needs. Our goal is to bring your turf to its fullest potential. We will come to your property and assess your lawn for free. We will take soil samples to be sent to the lab so the pH level of your lawn can be determined. This is a very important step; if the pH level of your soil is too low most of the fertilizer put down on your lawn will be unavailable to the turf. Your lawn is the single biggest green plant on your property. If it looks great, it makes the rest of your yard look great. Everyone loves a weed free lawn, especially when it looks better than the neighbors. Call us today and get started on a greener, healthier yard. 203-393-9149

We are licensed by the state of Connecticut for turf and ornamental license # S- 3729 and carry all the proper insurance. We look forward to bringing your lawn to its fullest potential.