News/Alerts Emerald Ash Borer In Connecticut towns

Emerald ash bore was first found in this area in 2013 in the Naugatuck State Forest, Beacon Falls, and Bethany, Connecticut. Since that time, it has marched its way through Bethany, Woodbridge, Hamden and just keeps spreading its path of destruction. The dead and dying ash trees pose a public safety hazard as they lose their branches. Within one year, any limb larger than your arm will drop from the tree. Trees left standing will pose a hazard to both homeowners and tree care professionals who need to remove these now unstable and unsafe trees. Do not wait! Have these trees evaluated and treated so they are not a safety hazard on your property.

The emerald ash borer kills the trees by overwhelming the vascular system and effectively strangling the tree. Any Ash tree on your property will be attacked. These trees can be treated with a systemic pesticide which will be taken in by the root system to the vascular system of the tree and kill the insects. This will have to be done on an annual basis in order to ensure the health of these trees. We are licensed by the State of Connecticut arbors license # S – 3729 and have all the knowledge and experience to treat these trees in an effort to try to save them if it is not too late. Please call us for a consultation 203–393-9149