Homeowners and professionals have been mulching their landscapes for decades.  It makes trees and shrubs standout.  Adds nice boarders to provide definition in foundation plantings.  There are countless esthetic reasons to apply mulch.  One of the most important reason is, HEALTH!  Yes, that’s right, health.  The proper amount of mulch added to a landscape can help to:

  1. Reduce the number of damaging weeds.  The more weeds we can PREVENT from growing, the less amount of controlling herbicide(s) will be needed. This is a good thing!
  1. Prevent soil moisture evaporation. The proper depth of a good mulch can help to retain soil moisture.  This allows plants, shrubs and ornamentals trees to be sufficiently “watered” before the heat of the day causes the moisture to evaporate.  Even those with drip watering lines will see the effects of evaporation if not properly mulched.
  1. Mechanical damage. In just a short time, a lawnmower or weedwhacker can destroy the healthiest of ornamental trees and shrubs.  Applying the just enough much around a specimen can keep dangerous blades, wheels and cutting string from getting too close to cause damage.

Now it’s important to remember, not all mulch is the same.  Spend time at your local garden center.  Learn were they get their mulch from.  The quality is important.  You don’t want to apply much that may be mixed with non-organic material or contain damaging insects or weed seeds.  Some mulches come with dyes added for affect.  Some may even add a cedar oil to enhance the odor.  The important thing is ensuring it is composed of all organic material, free of weeds, insects and chemicals.

Yes, mulching is necessary!