Eh, nothing will happen.  I’m sure no one will get hurt.  I’m getting it done for cheap.  STOP!  We hear this all the time.  Are you willing to gamble with the safety of your family, friends or home?  Safety should NEVER be compromised for the sake of price or time.  There may be a reason why a work quote is so much less than another.  Do they have INSURANCE?  Do they have ENOUGH INSURANCE to cover an unforeseen accident while on YOUR property? Are they experienced to complete the job at hand?  Tree work is dangerous.  It takes a certain degree of experience to safely operate chainsaws, lifts, wood chippers and lawn equipment.  There are many small, new to the market companies that make unrealistic promises for cheap.  However, their lack of experience simply increases the safety risks while at YOUR property.  Well established tree companies understand the value of safety at a job site.  This is why we, at Woodbridge Estate Care, commit to train, learn and mentor on a continuous basis.  Good companies will NOT sacrifice safety for price or an unreasonable time line.  Home owners should always be on their guard when reviewing cheap work quotes.  They should ask questions about experience, insurance and references.  Remember, its cheaper to ask questions before hand, than to pay the consequences later.