Picking the perfect Christmas tree.

White Pine has long soft needles in the branches are weak not ideal for hanging ornaments. Blue Spruce has short but very sharp needles stronger branches for ornament hanging.

perfect is in the eye of the beholder, so pick what you like.

my top choice is always a Concolor Fir.

most (not all) have blue needles.

A tree you cut yourself is always better than a “fresh cut” tree.

Which in turn is better than an artificial tree.

The critical part is not the type of tree,

or fresh cut versus cut it yourself.

It’s what you do when you get the tree home.

It’s absolutely crucial that you re-cut the base of the tree and then immediately put it into the tree stand with water.

even if you had just cut it down that afternoon.

The sap will clog the pores at the base of the tree not allowing it to take up water if this happens your chances of keeping needles on the tree is very slim.

Next you must make sure the tree stand never runs out of water, this too will allow the sap rundown and clog the base of the tree and then it will no longer take up water.


Christmas Tree









The day you put the tree in the stand you will need to check the water level two or three times.The next day check it when you wake up, and that night.

After that you should only need to add water once a day.

If your tree dries out it becomes a fire hazard pretty quickly