Colorado Blue Spruce

-What’s happening to my blue spruce
Lower branches are shedding needles and dying. This tree has been there for years and now it is declining for no apparent reason.
-As the name implies, Colorado blue spruce, (Picea pungens), and it’s cultivar Blue spruce, (Picea pungens glauca), are native to Colorado.
The climate there is much drier then New […]

How and when should I prune my shrubs

– Use the right tool.
Most shrubs should be pruned by hand with hand pruners. For example largely evergreens like Mt. Laurel and rhododendrons always done with him hand pruners. Shrubs or hedges such as hemlock,boxwoods and yews can be pruned with either hand shears or gas shears. but Shears should never be used on larger […]

How do I know if I have hazardous trees?

How do I know if I have hazardous trees?

Hire a licensed arborist to evaluate your trees.

Many tree defects may not be obvious to the average home owner.

What maker a tree hazardous?.

By definition, a tree that is hazardous has targets such as a house, car, or person that it can damage.

Example of what makes a tree […]

How to plant a tree?

The steps you must take to have success when planting a tree.
The proper location is essential. You need to make sure you will be giving your new tree the proper sun exposure. You are not planting to close to your house. No tree or shrub should ever be planted closer than 3 feet from your […]

How to choose a tree.

How to choose a tree?
The right tree for the right space an important decision.
Choosing the right tree is not always easy. You need to do some research, or consulting arborist to make sure the tree you would like is the right tree for the space. When trees mature they become much larger and take up […]

Why should I worry about emerald ash borer (E.A.B.)

– Do I even have ash trees?
If your unsure of the type of trees in your yard call an arborist
Help you determine if you have any ash trees on your property.
– What do I look for?
The best indicator ( worst sign for the trees ) is wood pecker damage.They removing the bark from the trees […]

Mother’s Day! What to get mom?

Trees & Shrubs That always flower on Mother’s Day
Cercis canadensis  ‘Lavender Twist’. Weeping redbud


Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’.  Weeping cherry


Magnolia ‘Jane’

Syringa  ( Lilac )


Rhododendron: small leafed

     Olga merit

     PJM compacta

     Purple gem

Keep Lawn Looking Good

Do you ever wonder what it takes, when it comes to keeping your lawn looking Clean Green and Pristine? Here are few simple steps to follow……..

Cutting  at the right height

Cut your grass at a height of 3 inches because this allows the grass to shade itself and help prevent weeds as well as maintain […]


-Do you currently have or desire to have ornamental crabapple trees.

If so there’s a few key things you should know when planning to plant crabapples trees or are maintaining them in your landscape.

-Crabapple scab is a highly common fungus that annually attacks the new leaves and flowers. The occurs during the wet spring […]