The steps you must take to have success when planting a tree.

The proper location is essential. You need to make sure you will be giving your new tree the proper sun exposure. You are not planting to close to your house. No tree or shrub should ever be planted closer than 3 feet from your house no matter how cute it is in the small container you brought home in. All trees and shrubs will turn into much larger plants overtime.

All balled & burlap ( B&B ) trees need to be untied and determine where the root flair of the tree is prior to digging the hole. All trees and shrubs have a roof flair where the trunk of the tree meets the ground this is the height in which you want to plant the tree. the flare needs to be level with the ground. If there is a wire basket on the ball of the tree if that all possible that should be removed. All string tied around the trunk must be removed otherwise over time it will girdle the tree and killed the tree. It is okay for the burlap to remain on the tree cut off the excess burlap at the top of the ball. Keeping the tree water is also essential to the tree living. For every 1 inch of trunk calendar for this equals one year of watering the tree to get it reestablished. Watering should be done thoroughly once a week.
Container trees and shrubs.
Container trees and shrubs tend to be smaller but it is equally as important to plant them at the right death. The roof flare level with the ground.
Container plants tend to promote girdling roots. So it’s important to cut the roots that circle around the inside of the pot when you remove the plant from the container. It is equally important to remember that container grown plants start in a very small container and continually get up potted into bigger containers many times each time the roots circle around the inside of the container. so those circling roots may not be just out at the edge. the same problem may be much deeper do to all up planting from smaller containers. Especially if you’re planting a much larger container plant.
Water deeply and infrequently. Approximately once a weekly depending on weather. Remember evergreens lose moisture through transpiration so water them up until the ground becomes frozen.