How do I know if I have hazardous trees?

Hire a licensed arborist to evaluate your trees.

Many tree defects may not be obvious to the average home owner.

What maker a tree hazardous?.

By definition, a tree that is hazardous has targets such as a house, car, or person that it can damage.

Example of what makes a tree hazardous.

            bad crotch

Bad crotches with included bark which indicates weak attachment point.

Rot or decayed wood. Remember the wood is the structure of the tree. If the main beam of your home was rotten it would fail and your house would collapse.

Sometimes the problem is under ground, such as (vertasillem mellon) shoe string root rot. A sine of this is fruiting body mushroom at the base of your tree. This is why large trees just tip over and appear to have no root system.

What can be done  to make my trees safe?

Trees with bad crotches can often have a cable installed by a arborist.

Tree Decay

Decay must be evaluated to determine if the tree is safe to leave, sometimes lighting of limbs maybe necessary to take some weight off the decayed area.

Most times tree with root rot must be removed.  These trees would even be deemed unsafe for an arborist to climb. So the aid of a bucket truck and or a crane is often needed for the safe removal of these trees.

So please have your trees evaluated before they end up on your home. Hurricane season is just around the corner.