– Do I even have ash trees?emerald ash borer
If your unsure of the type of trees in your yard call an arborist
Help you determine if you have any ash trees on your property.
– What do I look for?
The best indicator ( worst sign for the trees ) is wood pecker damage.They removing the bark from the trees this is called blonding of the bark see picture. If this is observed it is too late to save the tree and tree must be removed.
– Can these ash trees be saved?
Yes they can they must be treated annually with a systemic pesticide such as imidacloprid which is injected into the ground at the base of the tree and taken up into the vascular system of the tree where provides protection for one year. Time is of the essence Contact a licensed arborist and start this ASAP
– what happens if I do nothing?
It is a foregone conclusion that E.A.B. will kill all the ashes in the state and the surrounding area if left untreated. These untreated ashes become unstable within a year losing all their limbs larger than your arm. This poses an obvious safety risk to you and your family. If you’re not planning on trying to treat these trees I would suggest you start to remove them preventatively over the next few years this will allow you to spread out the cost of removing these trees over time. Otherwise they will all die at the same time and more likely than not all have to be removed at the same time.
-The good news is E.A.B. will only affect Ash trees.
-The bad news Ash trees make up 8% of Connecticut’s forest.