How to choose a tree?
The right tree for the right space an important decision.How to choose a tree
Choosing the right tree is not always easy. You need to do some research, or consulting arborist to make sure the tree you would like is the right tree for the space. When trees mature they become much larger and take up much more space, and potentially create shade for other plants around them, and maybe way too close to the house.
Our some trees better than others?
Trees are like puppies most purebred puppies all have some problem associated with that breed. All trees are purebred trees and therefore had some problems associated with them.
For example. White birches are susceptible to Birch leaf miner and bronze Borer.
Dogwood trees ( cornus Florida )is susceptible to fungus and clear winged borer, however Kuza dogwoods ( cornus Kuza )do not have either of these problems. Sugar Maple have inherently bad crotches. Which can be managed by lightning canopies of the tree, installing cables ,and possibly installing screw rods. All of these should be done by a licensed arborist.
Remember when choosing a tree choose what you like, make sure the tree you choose will survive in the hardiness zone in which you live, and you will be planting in the proper amount of sun, and last of all make sure you know that you’re given your new tree enough space to become the mature trees that it wants to be.