Do you ever wonder what it takes, when it comes to keeping your lawn looking Clean, Green, and Pristine? Here are few simple steps to follow……..

Cutting at the right height

  • Cut your grass at a height of 3 inches because this allows the grass to shade itself and help prevent weeds as well as maintain soil moisture.

How frequently should the mowing take place?

  • It is important to cut the grass more often when it is growing faster such as the early spring. You should not cut more than one third of the length of your grass at one time. When these conditions exist it is ideal to cut twice a week.
  • When it’s hot and dry in July and August you may want to cut the part of the lawn that is growing the shaded areas. Do not cut this the sunny areas that do not need cutting because this will just damage the crowns of the plant by driving over it.

When should you feed and protect your lawn?

  • Timing is everything when putting down fertilizer especially when you’re putting down the chemical preventative such as crabgrass control or grub control.
  • Do not put down weed control on your lawn in those hot days in July and August this will also damage the turf. These products need to be watered in within 72 hours of being put down this is essential for them to work properly.

Helpful hints

  • Don’t trust the gauge on your mower deck use a tape measure and measure from the actual blade to the cement floor in your garage to assure your cutting at 3 inches.
  • Sharp blades on your mower are essential to make a clean-cut on the end of each blade. Dull blades rip the blades and promote fungus. So keep those blades sharpen.

Common Myths

  • If you cut the grass short you won’t have to cut it as often. Fact is the same amount of grass will grow back week to week whether cutting it at 1 inch or 3 inches.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have Clean Green and Pristine lawn!

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