Weed control in your bed & walk.

Pre-emergent weed control
Pre-emergent weed control this put down early in the spring to prevent weeds from germinating from seed.Some examples of These products include preen and snapshot. These are both granular products which need to be rained on with 72 hours after being put down become effective. There is a liquid product called Surfland that can be sprayed down.

Down side
These three products can be put down in perennial beds with little to no effect on most perennials, however they will stunt a larger variety of annuals which are then planted in the same bed. These products will also stain walkway,driveway and cement patios Use caution. These products control a host of weed but it isn’t the end all of your weeding but it will cut it down significantly.

Post-emergent weed control.
In a word Roundup. It’s pretty straightforward if you spray Roundup on the foliage of a plant it will kill it.The key is to spray your weeds with Roundup when they’re very small they weather and die. If you spray the weeds when they’re big they die their big and brown and you still need to pull out.

Use caution.
When spraying walkways and driveways it’s easy to over spray the edge and have an unintended brown strip of grass along the edge of the walk or driveway. When spraying in bed use caution not to get it on unintended plants and always walk backwards well spraying so you do not get the Roundup on your feet and on exit of the bed leave dead footprints walking across your lawn.

For those who do not want to use chemical control there’s always good old-fashioned weeding.