Hazardous Trees

What is a hazardous tree?

A hazardous tree is a potential threat to a person, your house or even your car.  It can be a tree that is dead, decaying, have deadwood or even a tree with a weak crotch. The best way to tell if there is a dangerous tree in your yard is to call a licensed arborist to evaluate your trees.

What to do with a hazardous tree?

There are many options on dealing with a hazardous tree. Here I will show you some basic trees with everyday problems.

A dead tree

This is a hazard that anyone can figure out. At any given moment it can shed a large branch or fall over and damage your property. A dead tree will have no leaves on it in the middle of summer and sometimes depending on how dead, the bark will be falling off of it. In all cases this tree should be removed.

A decaying tree

There are some type of tree hazards that are not visible. Decay can be hidden within the tree so that no one can see. It can also be visible.  It can be within the trunk of the tree or in the crown of the tree that you will never notice. A decaying tree can all of a sudden snap in a wind storm or on a calm day it can just come trashing down, If you notice rot in the trunk of the tree, the tree should be removed, but sometimes the crown is the rotting part. It can be removed therefore saving the tree.