– Lyme disease
It is essential to be able to control ticks in your own yard to protect not only yourself, your children, and your pets but to have a peace of mind that you can enjoy your own yard without having to worry about ticks and the diseases they bring with them.
– Where do ticks lives?
Ticks cannot live in the grass it is too hot and dry they will dehydrate and die. Ticks are usually found along the perimeter of the woods of your property and in the beds around your house.
– What can I do to keep the ticks at bay?
A good cultural practice is to have a 10 foot strip of wood chips around the property between the woods in the grass creating a barrier to keep the ticks out.
– Can My yard be sprayed to protect me from ticks?
Having your property sprayed for ticks involves spraying the perimeter of the property into the woods 20 feet and spraying the beds around the house this will set up a barrier and kill the ticks in that zone.
– How many sprays do I need?
For best control you should have three applications per year. A spring, summer, and fall. The time of year when ticks are the most active is in the spring and in the fall in cooler weather however the most exposure to you and your family is likely in the middle of the summer when everyone is out in the yard so don’t discount the middle application.
-Common myths
Keep in mind if you walk your dog every day around your neighborhood it is likely that your dog may pick up a tick along the way. But at least you can control the ticks in your own yard for the safety of your family.