-Benefit of mulching.
The main two reasons you should mulch is to maintain soil moisture, and to help control weeds. However the main reason most people Mulch is for the look of the new mulch not really the best reason to mulch.
-When is the best time to mulch.
The best time is when the mulch is when your beds are depleted and needs to be renewed. I prefer to mulch place in the fall after the leaves have come down. Nothing looks better in the fall then nice clean mulch bed when everything else is done for the season.
-How much mulch do I need.
When mulching on an annual basis for that renewed color look,the mulch should be put down at less than 1 inch. When mulching in a brand-new bed never mulch before the mulch should be put down at approximately 2 inches of depth. If you feel you already have too much mulch in your bed don’t add more invest in a garden weasel and turn that mulch over. There are even die products you can spray on the mulch to give it that new mulch look,but resist putting down more if you have too much already.
To calculate the amount of mulch you’ll need to have delivered.measure the (length)of the bed in inches,times the (width) of the bed in inches,times how thick you want to put it down the (depth) in inches. L x W x D \ 46656. This will give you how many cubic yards of mulch you will need.
-Over mulching.
When it comes to mulching more isn’t better. Every plant has a root flare much like a tree stump. The mulch should never be over the root flare too much mulch is bad It will suffocate the root system causing the root system to die forcing hair roots out of the trunk which will not sustain the plant in a drought situation. We’ve all seen the dreaded volcano mulch in the islands in the shopping centers don’t be a volcano mulcher.