Mulching…..is it REALLY necessary????

Homeowners and professionals have been mulching their landscapes for decades.  It makes trees and shrubs standout.  Adds nice boarders to provide definition in foundation plantings.  There are countless esthetic reasons to apply mulch.  One of the most important reason is, HEALTH!  Yes, that’s right, health.  The proper amount of mulch added to a landscape can […]

Picking the perfect Christmas tree.

Picking the perfect Christmas tree.

White Pine has long soft needles in the branches are weak not ideal for hanging ornaments. Blue Spruce has short but very sharp needles stronger branches for ornament hanging.

perfect is in the eye of the beholder, so pick what you like.

my top choice is always a Concolor Fir.

most […]

Yellow belly sap sucker

Yellow belly sapsucker is a bird that damages a wide variety of tree by pecking a oh hold series of holes in the bark of trees, they normally are in row horizontally in series of five or seven holes next to one another. If they do this enough in one area of the tree it […]

Gypsy Moth Caterpillars are Back

Gypsy moth caterpillars defoliated much of Connecticut in the 70s and early 80s. There is a naturally occurring fungus which has killed them off for decades, not allowing them to complete their life cycle and lay eggs which has kept them in check since then. The weather conditions in the last three years have not […]

White Pine Decline and Gypsy Moths

The two tree health questions everyone has been asking this late spring are:

What is going on with the white pines? and
What will happen with the gypsy moth larvae?

A visit to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven helped towards providing answers to these two questions.

White Pine Decline. A recent report by Dr. […]

Decline Of Local Ash Trees Poses Management Challenges

The infestation of local ash trees with the emerald ash borer has progressed to the degree that arborists and tree wardens across the area are pessimistic about its survival. “Foresters tell me that within ten years there won’t be any ash trees left,” said Woodbridge Operations Manager and Tree Warden Warren Connors. Four years after […]

Cedar Apple rust

Cedar Apple rust is a fungus that is in full fruiting mode it early May. It can be found on cedar trees and junipers. It needs an alternate host ( Apple/crabapples ) to complete its life cycle. It will not kill the tree but on apples it makes spots on both the leaves and the […]

Gypsy Moth

Gypsy moth catapillar is back its been decades since they have been a real to your trees. Last year we received a lot of request to spray for gypsy moths. We have seen lots of egg mass form these catapillar last fall.
Which are all starting to hatch and when they hatch they are going only […]

Hazardous Tree Removal

Having your tree checked by an Arborist. may keep this from happening to you.
This maple tree had a bad crotch and should have had a cable installed years ago.

Watch the video as the tree is safely removed by our talented crew.

Click here















How to Get Clean, Green, and Pristine Lawns

Do you ever wonder what it takes, when it comes to keeping your lawn looking Clean, Green, and Pristine? Here are few simple steps to follow……..

Cutting at the right height

Cut your grass at a height of 3 inches because this allows the grass to shade itself and help prevent weeds as well as maintain […]